Your Land Valuation Impacts Your Land Tax Bill - Get the Facts Now | BlackBox Finance

I want to pay more LAND TAX….said no one EVER.

If you’re a Gold Coast, Queensland property owner you may have recently received your recent Land Valuation. If your valuation went up I bet you thought “AWESOME, were on a winner”…well as much as that could be great long term it may be over-inflated based on true sale cost today. So what does that mean? Well it means that this valuation will be used to calculate your land tax bill you will receive in October.

Here is a great little article from our mate  Nelson Wockner from Wockner Lawyers – Queensland who can explain it further and help us save bank balance from an inflated Land Tax Bill.  You only have till May 8 to object so read this today!!!

Land Tax: lodge valuation objection by 8 May 2018


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