I have long taken for granted our household budget, and I will be reminded of this admission for decades to come!

But seriously, the detailed nature of our budget, has allowed us to enjoy some of the finer things in life, such as overseas holidays, and live in beautiful places like Palm Beach QLD.

I have been working as a mortgage and asset finance broker for a while now and find myself continuously amazed, when I find clients often have zero idea how much it costs them to live each month. I have come to establish that clients often fall into 1 of 2 categories:

1  –  Those that know their numbers REALLY well


2  –  Those that don’t want to know

And you know what, both are ok! That’s right. The difference with not knowing your numbers is, you need to be prepared to pay for and work with people who can manage this for you.

How many of you can tell us how much of each of the following cost you each month?

  • Basic household expenses (utilities, rates, body corp)                   $                                             
  • Groceries                                                                                        $                                             
  • Transport (fuel, rego, insurance, public transport)                          $                                             
  • Clothing and personal care (cosmetics, grooming)                        $                                             
  • Insurances (Health, home & contents, life, TPD)                           $                                             
  • Communications (phones, internet, TV)                                        $                                             
  • Medical expenses (prescriptions, optical, dental)                          $                                             
  • Education & childcare (school fees, books, uniforms etc)             $                                             
  • Recreation (holidays, memberships, massages, subscriptions)    $                                             
  • Other (Any regular or ongoing liability not included above)           $                                             

TOTAL                                                                                                      $                                             

We can help you with this at no charge! I have the tools available to me, to tell you fairly quickly how much you’re spending each month, and where savings can be made. So call us on 1300 70 12 17 and once and for all find out! If nothing changes, nothing changes!

****PLEASE NOTE**** The information we provide does not constitute financial advice, merely an analysis of spending based on the information you provide. Should you require financial advice, please let us know and we can connect you with reputable financial advisors that we work with and trust.

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