Amongst all the Media hype on banks, interest rates, housing prices and “The Housing Bubble” its nice to find articles that speak facts. Knowledge is power my friends, so here are some very interesting facts.
Here are the Cliff Notes:
  • The popular myth in Australian real estate is that property prices double every seven to ten years.
  • Fact is that outside of Melbourne and Sydney this is rarely seen in the rest of Australia.
  • 1% of Queensland suburbs actually doubled in the past decade. 11 suburbs out of 861. 
  • 3% of Brisbane suburbs doubled in the past decade. 9 suburbs out of 331.

It’s important that we as home owners and property investors are realistic about growth expectations. If you would like more information about how your suburb is performing drop us a line and we can run you a FREE CoreLogic RP Data Report that outlines the facts of your home and / or suburb. Just fill in the below details and let us know what address or suburb you would like more information on.

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