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Looking to put a bit of extra money into improving your property’s future sale or rental value? If so, you’re making the right choice and can consider yourself in good company. The home improvement market is still growing, and it’s still an effective way for your property to stand out amidst a sea of similar ones in your neighborhood.

Research shows that most Australians are already forking out for essential additions such as fresh paint, up-to-date plumbing as well as new carpeting or wallpaper. But, what about more significant and intensive renovations that will add more financial value to your rental or investment property?

If you aren’t sure where to begin and don’t want to waste your money on something that renters or buyers won’t care about, keep reading to make sure you’re abreast of the home improvement trends that will dominate the rest of 2019 and into 2020.

1. Outside – Add A Deck

A timber deck is an attractive, low maintenance option that most homes can add to their backyards, no matter how small or awkwardly sized they are. By adding one, you create an attractive outdoor space, ideal for relaxation or barbequing.

2. In Common Rooms – Add Ungraded Power Points

Most homes currently still rely on traditional pronged power outlets, many of these, however, are often awkwardly placed away from where they’d are most needed. Upgrades to power outlets include moving them for easy charging of electronics, as well as ensuring they have multiple ports and eliminate the needs for cords and extension plugs and points.

3. In the Bathroom – Add Some Luxury Touches

Gone are the days where bathrooms had to be pragmatic – or even just standard. Modern-day bathrooms now incorporate touches often seen in Five-Star hotels to make the experience more enjoyable. Think details such as unique vanities, heated towel racks, an expanded shower or even a claw-footed bathtub.

4. In the Kitchen – Maximise Storage

No matter how much space you think you have in your kitchen, you always seem to need more. Smart modern kitchens are now making use of awkward corners and empty slots of space to create additional storage for everything from small containers to large boxes. By having more storage space, the kitchen remains uncluttered and more spacious.

5. In the Bedroom – Complete Lighting Control

More and more people are starting to understand the importance of good sleep hygiene, and this involves a good grasp of your lighting. Adding more options for dimming and remote light control will make any bedroom more attractive to the people using it.

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