5 Reasons You Should Refinance Your Home Loan This Winter | BlackBox Finance

Our experts have years of experience assisting you with your financial goals. Throughout those years, we’ve identified the top 5 reasons you should refinance your current home loan. So look no further, we’ve done the homework for you!

  1. SUMMER HOLIDAY – All too often we see clients who have racked up this debt on credit cards or personal loans at ridiculous interest rates, rather than refinancing their home loan because it was too hard. Did you know that banks are completely OK with it if you want to draw on some equity in your home for that long overdue holiday? The added bonuses are, you won’t be paying the HUGE rates you would on a credit card or personal loan. Also, we might just find you a cheaper deal at the same time! We’ve recently done these types of refinances for our clients with banks like Resimac, MyLoan, Bank Australia, Qudos Bank and many more!
  2. REDUCE YOUR MONTHLY SPENDING – As the colder months creep in, it’s only natural that we tend to spend more time inside or at home. While you will save money by not spending as much on eating out, you will find your utilities and grocery bills etc. may increase significantly. Your home loan is one of the largest outgoings in your house each month, why not see if we can reduce that and offset those rising power bills by refinancing and free up some much needed income!
  3. SUMMER BODIES ARE BUILT IN WINTER – Its great fun packing those extra kg’s during winter, but not so much fun working them off before the summer months arrive. It can also prove costly trying the latest fad diets, buying fancy blenders, and trying your hand at stuff like Stand-up paddelboard yoga! Did you know, that on a standard size mortgage of $400k, if you reduce the interest rate by just 0.5% that can result in an annual saving of as much as $1,404.97 maybe more! Helping you to pay someone to scream at you and ignore your pleas for mercy all year round! Our torturer of choice is Wayne Ryan from the Body Collective in Palm Beach QLD. He’s a machine, you’ll love him.
  4. ARE YOU JUST GRINDING IT OUT? – If the person you listen to most is realistic about it (hopefully that’s accredited financial professional), they will tell you, you need a reason to get out of bed! The weekly grind is hard enough, without considering everything else you need to squeeze into your week! You need an outlet. Something that reminds you why it is that you drag your arse out of bed, and grind the week out! Similar to a holiday, you can draw on equity in your home, and take advantage of the current super low rates at the same time to buy that boat, car, bike, jetski or caravan.
  5. RENOVATE IN PREPARATION FOR SUMMER – There are numerous reasons to do this during winter e.g. You won’t waste your summer renovating when you should be outside enjoying the weather, you’ll be able to entertain throughout summer in your newly renovated dream home, and many more! You will also be adding further value to your home or investment property, that you can take advantage of in the future to build your wealth portfolio.

We love what we do, and that is finding better and cheaper alternatives for you. Our brokers take care of the details so you can chill! We’re not just mortgage brokers. First and foremost, we are people just like you. With families, bills, stress and not enough time. We can help you by handling asset finance, car and motorbike loans, commercial property purchases, home loan purchases and refinances, the lot! We are based in Palm Beach on the beautiful Gold Coast QLD, but in this digital age, can assist you regardless of your location! We have access to over for 40-banks, and what that means for you is the most competitive rates and products in the market! So give us a 1300 70 12 17, +61 427 888 418, email FB message, whatever you like. We work for you, not the banks!

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